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Getting Your Home Ready To Sell


Home Staging


Prospective buyers often walk through a number of properties on any given day, my goal is to make sure yours is the one they go home dreaming about. To help accomplish this, I'll work with you to highlight the best features of your property using a process known as 'home staging'. Staging is about turning your home into a neutral model that allows prospective buyers to easily imagine it as their home. Taking the time to get your home market ready is an investment that can make all the difference in helping you achieve your selling goals.


Simply put, well staged homes generally sell faster and for more money.

Curb Appeal


First Impressions Matter


From the moment a prospective buyer pulls up to a property, they start forming an opinion. Because of this, the following should be prioritized:

  • Lawn is neat and healthy;

  • Trees are trimmed and shrubs are pruned;

  • Walk- and driveways are free of cracks, weeds and leaves;

  • Exterior walls are clean and fresh with no chipped or peeling paint;

  • Gutters have been cleaned of debris;

  • The entrance (front door) is inviting to first time visitors. 



A Few Suggestions


Add vibrancy to the exterior of a home by planting new flowers for a dash of fresh color. According to some sources, the color yellow can invoke buying emotions. In summer, turn on the sprinklers for five minutes, 30 minutes before a showing or open house. It makes the lawn and driveway sparkle.

Living Spaces and Bedrooms


A bright, clean, neutral interior allows prospective buyers to start visualizing the life they could build for themselves in the property you are trying to sell. To showcase the interior of your space in the best possible light:


  • Depersonalize the space by storing your personal collections, family photos and anything else that says ‘this is my house, not yours’ out of sight.

  • Say ‘no’ to clutter – just like personal collections and family memorabilia, it can distract prospective buyers from focusing on the potential of the space for their own ideas.

  • Welcome in the light. Cut back outside trees and climbing plants around your windows to allow the maximum amount of natural light inside.

  • Spruce up by cleaning (or replacing, if needed) carpets, paintwork, floors and doors. A small investment up front can translate into higher offer prices. In fact, research indicates that investing 1 – 3% on home staging yields 8 – 10% return.

  • Make functional repairs including fixing dripping faucets, sticking doors, broken light fittings, and wall cracks to help prospective buyers stay focused on everything that is right with your property – not creating a mental list of things that need to be fixed.


Kitchen & Baths



  • Make sure appliances, floors and sinks are clean and all counter-top space is clear to display workspace.

  • Cabinet and drawer interiors should be tidy and uncluttered to avoid the suggestion of inadequate storage space. Easy touches like pointing coffee cup handles in the same direction can help create a sense of pleasing comfort.

  • New cabinet handles and fresh paint can make a huge difference to a dated kitchen.

  • Avoid cooking anything that leaves a distinctive odor (such as fish, garlic or cabbage) within 24 hours of a showing.

  • Make functional repairs to dripping faucets and sticking doors and drawers. 



  • Showers, sinks, toilets and baths should be scrubbed clean. 

  • Place scented soaps or hand wash to the bathrooms along with colorful hand towels and bath mats to add appeal.

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