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My Story as a Physician's Wife

I'm Buffy Weiss.  
I am a Real Estate Agent, a Physician's Wife, and a Mom in Wilmington, North Carolina.
This is my story.

As a physician’s wife, I know the financial squeeze doctors get from all sides. Between student loans, reduced reimbursements, and the increasing costs of doing business, your personal finances may not appear to jibe with your bright future.


In my real estate practice, I work closely with a trusted mortgage lender who has long specialized in home loans for doctors and dentists.  The product provides you with up to a 100% loan without regard to the amount of your student debt.*  There are even more advantageous terms available that I’d be happy to tell you about when we talk.


My husband and I took advantage of this special program and were able to secure a large loan at more favorable rate than a normal jumbo loan.   That same scenario could be available for you.


I would be honored to help with special Doctor/Dentist Loan and finding your dream home anywhere in North Carolina. 


* see the Dentist/Doctor Loan Program page for all of the details.

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