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Buying & Selling When Over 50

Every transition is an opportunity, regardless of your stage in life.


Why use an SRES® designated agent?


You want ...

  • less stress and more success

  • an agent who is patient and supportive;

  • to maintain control but want professional guidance;

  • the benefit of a network of professionals;

  • a wealth of resources at work for you; 



*Using an SRES® costs the same as other full-service real estate agents!


Are you ready to...

  • make a change?

  • downsize your home and upgrade your life?

  • trade home repairs for more freedom?


As a Senior's Real Estate Specialist, and an "over 50" myself, I'm well acquainted with the concerns at play when transitioning to a smaller or more convenient home.


Feeling overwhelmed with the whole process is completely normal.  My job is to stay focused on what you want and create a clear strategy for success. Whether it's having difficult discussions with family members or deciding what items you will take and which you can part with, I will make sure you are supported through the challenges.  


The most important thing you need to know is that you don't have do this alone!  As a service to all of my clients, I have assembled a team of seasoned professionals to whom I can refer when you need help with repairs, coordinating a move, selling or donating items, legal, tax or financing issues.  I supply the connections and the real estate know-how; you get all the information you need to reduce your stress, make good decisions, and move on to a better life!




Every transition is an opportunity, regardless of your stage in life.

Buffy Weiss, Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®)

Want to learn more? I love to connect. Contact me!

Buffy Weiss



Living Seaside Realty Group


6314 Oleander Dr, Suite C
Wilmington, NC 28403

910-622-4971 mobile/text

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